Improved Racing C6 / C7 Corvette Oil Cooler Heat Shield


This heat shield is designed to insulate the factory oil cooler and the Improved Racing oil cooler adapters on the C6 and C7 Corvettes from extreme heat produced by exhaust systems. It can be strapped to the factory catalytic converter or the collector on aftermarket headers with stainless steel worm-drive clamps or stainless steel zip ties (both are included).

The exterior layer is manufactured from basalt fabric (also known as "lava rock") and has a maximum continuous operating temperature of 700-900°C (1,292-1,652°F). The shield is stuffed with ceramic fabric for insulation and the inner layer is made from silica fabric, which has a maximum operating temperature of 1,000-1,350°C (1,832-2,462°F).


  • Designed to fit 4.125" to 7.0" (105mm to 178mm) OD pipe
  • Overall dimensions: 5.7" x 13" (145mm x 330mm)
  • Includes two 155-178mm stainless steel worm clamps, four 33-57mm stainless steel worm clamps, and four 190mm max OD stainless steel zip ties
  • Construction: Basalt fabric outer layer, ceramic insulation, silica inner layer, stainless steel clips and rivets
  • Operating temperatures:
    • -54°C (-65°F) minimum continuous
    • 1,000°C (1,832°F) maximum continuous
    • 1,350°C (2,462°F) maximum intermittent
  • Non-flammable
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